April 1, 2009

Novelty & Birth Order: A Negative Correlation Theorem

It's four o'clock, and this is the first post of the day.

We're collecting a helluvalot of data, that's for sure, and the analytical model is still in the rough stages, but the operating theory about why birth order matters so much in determining a person's personality goes something like this:

For any given pair of siblings, k1 and k2,

Holding age/developmental stage behavior, b, constant,
[e.g., b1 = climbing on back of sofa toward open window,
b2 = pulling all the placemats out ten times in a row while you're making dinner,
b3 = chewing buttons off of remote control...bn]

For any given repeated or similar behavior bn, the amusement quotient, A, is significantly lower when k2 does it than it was when k1 did it:

A2,1 = f(k2 * b1) < A1,1 = f(k1 * b1)

Thus novelty, N, can be expressed as the difference between the two amusement levels:

N = A1 - A2

Current data suggests that any Nb is between 0.90 and 0.96 * A1, b.

In other words, that shit ain't funny, get down!

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This may be adjusted for different genders and overall temperament. BabyGirl is possibly more adorable when wrecking the joint than LittleMan, because she does not keep me up all night (like Practice Baby did. For Years) AND likes a nice nap.

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