March 31, 2009

There's A Sale At Jenny's!

It's true, I am constitutionally incapable of passing up a chance to make an Airplane! reference.

It's also true that Jenn from Minor Details is doing some major Spring Cleaning, which means clearing out her private hoard of vintage children's furniture, toys, and design. Saturday and Sunday, April 25-6, at her DUMBO studio. Check the site for details and a preview of the loot: there are some Cosco car seat/chairs [alas, none with rocker bases, AFAIK], some Casalino chairs--I don't know what her basis is on that awesome Martje Steenkamp Child Child table/chair, but those things have gotten expensive the last little while. You better get there early if you don't want me to haggle that thing out from under you.

Spring Cleaning - Minor Details [minor details]

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