March 29, 2009

LAT: Thanks To Half-Informed Hippies, The Best Schools Have The Worst Vaccination Rates

Weekend not ruined yet? There's still time. The Los Angeles Times notes that the number of unvaccinated kids in California schools jumped 20% in the last year--from 8,300 to over 10,000--and has more than doubled since 1997. But the times found those unvaccinated kids are highly concentrated in affluent neighborhoods, and in the better charter and private schools within those neighborhoods--just the schools where autism-fearing, too-educated-for-their-kids'-own-good parents congregate.

The result is a lot of great kindergartens at high risk for outbreaks of debilitating or deadly childhood diseases like measles. At one progressive, admittedly awesome-sounding, Waldorf-inspired charter school in Del Rey, around half the kindergarteners in each of the last two years have vaccination exemptions. Crazy hippies.

California schools' risks rise as vaccinations drop [lat via jason]


Hippies? I don't think hippies have a corner on half-baked conspiracy theories and scientific ignorance. The just-departed Bush Crime Family had a policy of allowing political ideology to trump science. Hippies?, I don't think so.

Those idiot parents should count themselves lucky that LA is too far away for me to kick their butts.

Hey, just tell me where the war crime tribunal is, and I'll show up with muffins for the prosecutors.

But this vaccines-cause-autism crap is not an amusing quirk anymore; it's starting to pose real risks, and it's driven by poorly informed, kneejerk anti-authority follow-my-own-drum parents, or hippies for short.

My god, you smirking lefties are about as arrogant as you are ignorant.

I'll admit, i'm ignorant about what you're talking about, but since everyone knows the Bush administration created an official torture system, and the only question isn't whether it was illegal under Geneva and the Torture Conventions, but whether you're cool with that personally, I'll assume you're talking about vaccines.

the anti-vacc issue happens to not be related to vaccines not being mentioned in the bible, but it's no coincidence that CA's vaccination exemption statement says "contrary to my beliefs." So yeah, if by ignorant you mean, rejects scientific evidence that doesn't fit with my faith, then yeah, vacctivists can be as ignorant as biblical creationists.

Actually, my opposition to arrogant blind socialism, does not make me a Bush supporter. Nice try on the generalization, however. How could I have ever assumed you were a stereotypical leftie?

And my opposition to drugs has nothing to do with religion persay, more the fact that I dont want mercury in my children. By all means, though, rid our world of more of your creations, we'll all have a little less smug to deal with then.

Oh, and while I'm here:

"First, there was nothing, and then it exploded"

So please, dont talk shit about creationism;)

the 'science' of vaccinations amounts to much the same as the 'science' of global warming.

A few slick hacks with a lot of money behind them terrify the typical CNN watching, tree hugging, bleeding heart, cowardly, statist, socialist American who then proceeds to act as if they are an expert on the matter, while the real scientists who themselves dont get suckered in, do their best to unmask the fraud for what it is, despite their lack of money or power.

I wasn't being general at all, but very specific. And let's stay specific, shall we?

Considering the near-complete absence of thimerosal from post-2000 childhood vaccines, and the critical importance to the question of mercury toxicity of mercury type, level, and exposure method, it would seem that a couple of injected vaccines are way, way down the list of concerns for general "exposure to mercury" [Unless I'm completely misreading the evisceration of mercury-related concerns as they were laid out in Campbell-Smith's 203-pg Hazelhurst decision, see pp50-104.]

The net finding is that vaccines pose a negligible-to-nonexistent mercury toxicity risk of any kind [also that there's no connection to the incidence of ASD, but that's apparently not your issue.] The follow-on of that finding is that the benefits of vaccination to the child--and as we're now finding out empirically, as measles outbreaks reappear in the UK and hippie pockets of California--and to society far, far outweigh these mythical mercury risks.

And as for unmasking fraud, the Andrew Wakefield vaccine-autism paper that started this whole mess was repudiated by The Lancet for "fatal conflict of interest," in 2004, and his underlying data has since been found to be riddled with fabrications and unsupported assertions.

I really should refuse to debate with someone who thinks that 'generalization', used in the context which I did, means to speak generally and non-specifically about vaccines. But against my better judgment...

Study Shows Decline in Neurodevelopmental Disorders After Removal of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines

Michael Wagnitz: Research supports mercury-autism link

Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines

SV40, Polio Vaccine, and Cancer: Now Beyond Coincidence?

And some videos:


you know what Dave, I don't feel like ruining my day debating with an ad hominem-tossing dick, either. So this is the last round.

Here's the American Academy of Pediatrics' refutation and criticism of the Geiers' research.

As for Wagnitz and Howenstine's opinions on the vast vaccination conspiracy, ["My opinion is that there is overwhelming evidence that vaccines are dangerous and the only reason for their existence is to increase profits of pharmaceutical firms."] I can't argue with that. But I can't accept global corporate conspiracy as a parenting strategy, either. I'll just apologize later and thank you and the other hippies in advance for saving America from Amerika when the time comes.

But in the mean time, my kids will avoid mercury by not eating canned tuna, and they'll avoid measles hotspots by not enrolling in flake-heavy LA public schools.

If you guys can't comment nicely, I am going to send you outside to play on the arsenic-impregnated wooden playset.

hopefully this painted Thomas train I'm sucking on in my time-out corner is lead-free.

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