March 27, 2009

Trophy Trailer Not Included: SEMA Honda Accord 'Wicked Wagon'


Call me crazy, but these days, I love the 1996-7 Honda Accord Wagons, the last ones we saw in the US. Just a well-balanced, reliable, nice-looking, unassuming, small family-sized car. The problem, of course, is finding one in pristine condition. At least, that was the problem until about five minutes ago, when DT reader and wagon auction scout DT sent along the "Wicked Wagon."


This 1996 Honda Accord SEMA Show Car has a custom air-brushed paint job, powder-coated frame, air suspension, a V8 [?!] and an "outrageous sound system:

[It] has been completely customized inside and out for import car show competition. Fiberglass center console, custom dashboard, custom seats, chrome wheels, and huge brakes are just a few of its modifications, this wagon has won more than 50 major awards and is guaranteed to turn heads anywhere.
Assuming you can drive it on the road, that is. I can't tell from the interior shot, but I'm guessing those rear seats don't have LATCH. Hell, I can't tell if they even have seat belts. And if that "outrageous sound system" doesn't leave room in back for the trophies, you can bet there's no room for a stroller, either. Still, if you can work those minor details out, you would be thumpin' at preschool dropoff. Now you just have to get yourself to Branson, Missouri April 17-8 to win this Wicked Wagon at auction.

Spring Consignments: 1996 Honda Accord SEMA Show Car []


That would look really sweet cruising the Tenleytown Whole Food. You would be more mack daddy than all those lobbyists and staffers.

Yikes, why waste a custo job on one of those!? I was so glad to ditch our '93 that I nearly gave it away. Nothing but trouble.

That's an awesome paint job. Someone needs to bring back the good'ol wood finish.

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