March 27, 2009

Baby In Trunk?


So this is the rear hatch on the new Tesla Model S sedan which debuted yesterday and is supposed to hit the market in 2011. Can you tell me how passengers 6 and 7 will fit back there without duct tape? Because that's how many this 4-door car is supposed to seat.

Tesla Model S Sedan Concept: $49,900 Seven-Seater Electric To Hit Streets In 2011 [jalopnik via dt reader seth]


It's in the article you linked to (mostly). There are folding seats in the back (for 2 kids) - the kids sit facing backward.

So they say. I couldn't see how seats appear in that space. Does the floor fold up and become a shallow, station wagon-style bench? Or did they not add the seats yet, and they're just talking concept?

Still no visual confirmation but they're still talking up seating for 7. The all-electric platform supposedly frees up a lot of space for innovative use.

Still keeping this post alive which is much easier than keeping the Model S project alive. Anyway, seems like the car is gonna make it and autoblog got to sit and ride in it briefly. This includes the first photo I've seen of the +2 seating and I have to say that it's the most awesome looking rumble seat I've seen, complete with 5 point harnesses.

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