March 20, 2009

Brio 26 Tile Pick-Up Game


I confess I can't remember at the moment, but I love whoever gave us this Brio Pick-a-Pair game like family.

And it's beautifully made, with endearing designs that were no doubt applied to this high-quality hardwood by happy, skilled, Swedish artisans whose dental plan is much better than mine even if you don't count the six weeks of paid teeth-rejuvenation leave in Gran Canaria every winter.

And I know Brio's in trouble, and could probably use our support right now, and the Amazon page does clearly state that the matching game is not intended for children under three years of age.


Let's face facts. When it gets into the hands of a kid younger than, say, five, the primary play pattern for any toy with more than three parts is dumping that shit on the ground with as much scatter and clatter as possible, and these Brio tiles do not disappoint. So annoying. If they weren't so well made, I'd throw them out in the middle of the night.

Buy the Brio Pick-a-Pair Game, $15 at Amazon [amazon]


At least your kids haven't done like mine have -- the toddler disposed of most of our (cheaper, uglier) Memory game by shoving pieces down the heater vent. Maybe if he had the artisanal Brio ones he would have at least hung onto them!

Buy direct from Brio and its $5 less! (OK, $4.50 less!)

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