March 11, 2009

And They Shall Beat Their Jogging Strollers Into Gun Haulers


Jason Calacanis
, I can understand; I'm sure he was always practicing piano when his friends were out shooting. But the boys at Jalopnik act like they've never seen a shooting cart made from a jogging stroller frame before.

The model above is from Rugged Gear, a company which was founded in 1994 by a South Dakota hunter in pursuit of a gentler, firmer gun mount. Of course, then they had to begin souping up hunt-ready golf carts, and the rest of the shooting cart story pretty much writes itself.

And if you're a gun enthusiast who considers shooting--but not strollers--to be core to your male self-identification process, and so you say things like, "They are built from the ground up as a shooting cart. This is not a stroller it just looks like one," Take a quick look at Cabela's, with me. And then let me put my arm around your shoulder in a not-at-all homoerotic way and give you some comfort. Because you're as wrong as it's possible to be while still holding a gun.


Cabela's shooting cart of choice is the Shoot 'n Go Shooting Cart from Pacific Outdoors. Pacific Outdoors' parent company is Pacific Cycle of Racine, Wisconsin. Which was acquired by Dorel Industries in 2004. Dorel, of course, is probably the largest stroller maker on the planet. Their stroller brands include Cosco, Quinny, Maxi-Cosi, Bebe Confort, Safety 1st, Instep, Schwinn, and Eddie Bauer.

Frankly, with that combination of offroad tires on 5-spoke wheels, black-enameled chassis, copious mounts and cupholders and carved wood trim, a Shoot 'n' Go Jogging Stroller is something I'd like to see.

Rugged Gear 2-, 3- and 4-gun shooting carts, $154-329 []
Pacific Outdoors Shoot-N-Go Gun Hauler, MSRP, $149.99 []
Longrange BPCR's gallery of shooting carts made from various things []
Dorel Industries - Product Segments []

Note: Soon it'll be six months that Dorel and their publicists refuse to respond to DT's requests for an explanation of why their Safety 1st division rebrands and resells the fake scientific piece of junk, the Baby Plus Prenatal Education System.


You know, I bet a baby bucket could mount just fine between those two shotguns. You need to get the little ones started early, you know. Then I could prop my little one up there and she could take potshots with this:

Now I know what I'm doing with the P&T when my boys are too big to ride in it... Put all their guns in it.

If I were shooting outdoor rifle competitions more often, I'd absolutely snag one. It's a pain to carry the gear around and I've never liked the rolling carts I've seen before. The kid can push when he starts shooting. Until then, he'll just have to sit shotgun and watch (with appropriate eye/ear protection of course).

And it's already black! No more soiling my wife's old baby stroller with black powder firearms! Excellent idea!

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