March 9, 2009

Live Long And Rocker


To the Star Trek purists who will scoff at my Vulcan reference in the title and claim that clearly Jack Rogers Hopkins' carved and laminated wood rocking chair shares obvious design vocabulary with Imperial Klingon culture, most notably the double-sided battle axe known as the bat'leth: Remember that in 1970, when Hopkins made this rocker, Klingons just looked like Mexican banditos in sparkly vests, and the pointiest thing around was Spock's ears. If anyone copied anything, the production designers of The Next Generation copied Hopkins.


In any case, this rocker sold at Sotheby's in NYC in 2007 for $31,000, and now it's resurfaced in the interesting-looking inventory of Todd Merrill Antiques, where it is described as "surprisingly comfortable." Always an unsettling phrase when shopping for a rocking chair you actually need to sit on.

Important Post-war and Contemporary Design, LOT 82: JACK ROGERS HOPKINS, ROCKING CHAIR, est 8,000--12,000 USD, sold for 31,000 USD including premium []
Rocking Chair by Jack Roger Hopkins, c 1970, Todd Merrill Antiques [ via nyt]

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