March 5, 2009

All The Names In The Times' Last-Bohemians-In-The-Apthorp Story

For everyone who thought the only possible baby names to come out of the Apthorp were Wendy [Wasserstein], Cyndi [Lauper] and Apthorp, the NY Times has a story that will warm your heart. Or jab it like a knife, since the Upper West Side represented by the tenacious and eclectic restaurant clan who managed to hold onto their $2,850/mo rent-stabilized, 8-room mini-palazzo has been gut-renovated and replaced by 50,000 cookie cutter condos, 500 Starbucks, 499 Barnes & Nobles, and 498 Pottery Barns.

Anyway, here's the list of names, in order of appearance:
Coke Wisdom
Patricia [Hey, Pat! Longtime, no see! -ed.]
Sunrise [Ruffalo]
Mark [ditto]
John [Barrymore, Jr]
Leonard [Bernstein]
George [Balanchine]
Andy [Warhol]
John [Guare]
Rudolf [Nureyev]
Erik [Bruhn]

Tenants of a Vanishing World [nyt]

1 Comment

ooh, did the NYT story not mention that the ruffalo children (ruffali?) are named keen, odette and bella noche?

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