March 1, 2009

Bugaboo Frog March: Price Chops And Closeouts

UPDATE: just heard from Bugaboo's publicist, who informs me the Frog is NOT being discontinued--it's just an even better value than before! I'll be looking into how this "Frog discontinued!" rumor got started. Stay tuned.

Last November, after word leaked that Bugaboo would be discontinuing the original Frog in "early 2009,' I predicted Frogs would go on sale sometime "in the near future."

Well guess what, the future--and early 2009--are right now, baby. Just as the clocks hit midnight, the price of a new Frog dropped from $759 to $629. [Actually, I saw a few Amazon retailers had already marked it down at 11:55pm. Oooh, trouble.]

So I wonder what'd happen at Right Start, where strollers are already marked down 20-30% or more. Could you get them to give you their discount on top of Bugaboo's own markdown? I await your haggling war stories.

Bugaboo Frog on sale - was $759, now $629, plus free shipping [pacifieronline.]


Right Start employees are not allowed to use their discounts anymore. So, sorry guys!!! You pay what you pay.

First the Gecko now the Frog?

Is Bugaboo coming out with a new midrange stroller or is it going to simply be a choice between Bee and Cameleon from now on?

I'm very satisfied with our choice of the Frog over the Cameleon. The Cameleon would have been fine for us, too, I suppose, but I just didn't need the extra $100 or so (and extra kg) of fancier fabric and doo-hickeys.

bummer, but not what i meant. If the Frog MSRP at every store just dropped by 20%, does Right Start apply their liquidation discount of 20-30% to the old MSRP, or the new one? The difference is $531 vs $461.

Unfortunately Greg, RS wants to make as much $$ as they can. We have not been given word to mark them down from Corp, but for that matter - we only hear from them but only once a week now.

I was really just thinking out loud, but I am glad to see RS is finally learning the fundamentals of capitalism. Unfortunately, another lesson competition: prices for Bugaboos everywhere else are now as low as RS's.

It's not just RS, though. A lower retail price for Frogs will depress resale values for used Bugs as well.

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