February 24, 2009

Has Huibert van Muilwijk Got A Shelving Idea For You


If you're like me, you're wondering what Dutch wunderkind designer Huibert van Muilwijk has working on since launching the M/V Crib in 2007. Well now we know: sweet wood modular shelving.

HvM sent along photos of a prototype of his new shelving system. It reminds me of Enzo Mari's awesome DIY bookshelf, with a touch of the multi-purpose flexibility of Bruno Munari's Abitacolo space machine system: "There is a basket/flowerpot-shelf, desk-shelf, cooking-shelf, lamp-shelf, char-shelf and so on! In the future there will be more and more!"

Ahh, the future is looking better and better every day! Now if only Huib can iron out the production issues in the present, the kids'll be storing their jetpacks on these things in no time.

Huibert van Muilwijk's Made by Midas [madeformidas.com, via huib]
Previously: Abitacolo, Bruno Munari's kid space machine; M/V Crib by Huib Muilwijk & Friends


Love the post specially the blue cup with the giant handles. saw them 2 years ago before I had a little dude,wish I bought one then. Any idea what they are called, who the designer is?


Zeina, (all the way from Australia)

the Domoor cup by Richard Hutten.

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