February 19, 2009

Clifford Richards For Our Childrens Gorilla: Finally, Some Good News From Sweden


What with the Brio bankruptcy, the crazy changing tables, and the realization that I've been teaching the kid the wrong pronunciation of basically every name in Ikea--including Ikea--Sweden has been a source of serious buzzkill this week.

Well that just changed. Our Children's Gorilla, the Swedish design company was awesome even before they advertised on Daddy Types, has put out a new catalogue--more of a one-sheet, really. A highlight: this sweet, giant poster full of dials, switches, and control panels, by British designer Clifford Richards. Richards is the guy who did that insane 1970 Noah's Ark Disco poster-turned-wall mural that you covered the entire wall of the nursery with. [Didn't you??] Well, this OCG poster is for the other wall.

Switches & Gauges, by Clifford Richards for Our Children's Gorilla, 118 x 175 cm [ourchildrensgorilla.com]


Love this stuff. My Aunty Doris had something very similar (at least color-wise) in her powder room, but it involved anthropomorphic French poodles gallivanting around Paris.

yeah, half dozen of one...

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