February 18, 2009

Mammut: The Ikea Plastic Crib For Closers


It's not on the website, and there's no NEW! tag, but I spotted this gigantic plastic crib, from Ikea's gigantic, plastic Mammut collection, yesterday. $219.

I want to like the Mammut stuff. We have a few of the stools scattered around the house. But even after all these years, I can't get the contradictions-- "Tweety and Sylvester ran past this!" "See this watch? It cost more than your car."--out of my head. Did I mention it's gigantic, even though it's really not?

Oh, look, Ohdeedoh spotted it yesterday too. At covetable [ [ohdeedoh, covetable]
Related: yes, that's the awesomely named Hermelin crib next to it.


They have them in pink too.

What do you get for second place?

A set of steak knives.

I'm not quite as in tune with Ikea as you are so I was surprised to see that it's plastic.


you know what it takes to buy a pink crib?

OK, so it took me a couple of seconds to figure out why you kept associating this crib with a David Mamet play. I'm a bit slow that way. But in my defense, I think it's also because I always want to pronounce his name the French way. Mammut, to me, just sounds like a Swedishese word for Mammoth. Anyway, not a fan. Just a bit too "Toon Town" for me, too.

I am all for toon town! If my girls were sharing a room and I could justify another crib, i would totally get this for them. probably in pink too.

And then it's on to the ABCs - "Always Be Closing"

Saw the plastic pink cribs at IKEA Stoughton last month...reminded me of giant pink marshmallows, blech. Melt them strategically and they might look good as a prop in some Jim Carrey/Dr. Seuss project.

lolol, that is awesome. You can totally cut in front of me in the pretentious checkout line. Since I assume we're both teaching the kids that it's pronounced ee-KAY-uh in Europe.

These have been available in the UK for a while and we've considered buying one for our son. It is just too plasticky.

Wait, how else ELSE would you pronounce IKEA? Since we only speak French at home (prétentieux? moi?!), the kid doesn't know there's another way to pronounce it than ee-KAY-uh. And if you're offering us cuts, we'll take it. Thx!

she been pronouncin' it th'Murrican way,

Ha! I remember a fierce discussion with my sister when i was younger - about what was the right pronounciation:

I've never liked the Mammut series.

We bought the blue one a couple of weekends ago. While some of the furniture line is plastic, the crib is actually wood with a colored veneer. Very sturdy.

For the record- This crib is not plastic. While the table and chairs in this collection are plastic, the wardrobe, chest of drawers and crib are not. This crib is made out of beechwood and some fiberboard. We bought this crib last weekend. It is very sturdy. Would highly recommend it.

We bought this crib for my son who is due next month. Its wood and SUPER sturdy. I absoloutly love it. And yeah it does kinda remind me of " Blues Clues" but you must also remember... its for a CHILD! Hello. Anyway to each their own :)

ahh, I vaguely remember the days when I could forget about Blue's Clues...

I like the crib and the concept fine, but just because something is designed for a child does not mean it has to look like a cartoon. that is an association the parents and adult society make.

dose enyone have the cribs instruction???? could they send it to me ?? thank you

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