February 17, 2009

Fold The Rod And Spoling The Child


We made a ginger wafer run to Ikea this afternoon, and while the kid was playing in the ball pit, K2 and I went to check out... the newest additions to the children's furniture collection, which turns out to be inspired by the luggage rack at a Best Western.

Spoling is a series of kids' furniture with removable black & white nylon fabric over a spring-loaded, folding metal frame. Right now there's a high chair and a changing table. They look really flimsy, especially for the price. But they feel relatively solid when you press down on them, and fold like a pair of threes, jack high, when you lift up. It's the way the springs are attached, I guess,


Maybe they grow on you, or the sheer practicality and space-saving features are too blissful to pass up, but I'm not feeling it. The Antilop still seems like a better high chair at half the price. And I know it's old and looks hopelessly like Ikea, but that solid pine Trofast changing table top is being cleared out for just ten bucks!. I almost bought one on principle.

First Brio, now this. I wish someone'd tell me when it's Swedish Buzzkill Week around here.

Spoling Changing Table, $70 [ikea.com]
Spoling High Chair, $40 [ikea.com]

1 Comment

I don't know; I'd have to see it in person but I like the high chair... it would be handy to be able to fold up the chair when it's not being used, since most Antilop buyers are probably already buying it for tighter living arrangements.

(Also, I nearly beat my toes to bloody stumps hitting them on the Antilop as I zipped past it in the kitchen... the little bit of extra stability they designed into it means those legs stick out further than you'd expect.)

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