February 14, 2009

They Might Be Monsters: Here Come The A, B, C's by Joey Ellis


While other kids are merely learning the alphabet, graphic designers' kids "study letter forms." And their dads make awesome Letter Monsters to help them. And then their dads go like five extra miles and put their Letter Monsters online in both Acrobat and PDF format, so that other kids aren't stuck just learning the alphabet.

Monster Letters by Joey Ellis, downloadable [joeyblog.com via boingboing]
Letter Monsters flickr set [joeyblog's flickr]


Hey Greg...In light of the monster mention here, I thought you might like to also check out our family friend JOHAN OLANDER - He is a self-proclaimed monsterologist. His blog and videos and his book are listed on his blog over at www(dot)monstrology(dot)com.

Both Acrobat AND PDF? What's the difference?

Meanwhile, now I'm going to have "Go go go go for G" stuck in my head all day. :)

d'oh, i was thinking Adobe Illustrator.

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