February 13, 2009

What, Not Cable Guy? Adorable Electric Man Really Not Helping


Power cables and power strips are the #1 and #2 most popular toys around our house, to the point where I almost want to just give K2 my cell phone and video camera just to keep her away from the outlets.

So yeah, I think if we got a power strip that was huggable, with a smiley face, we'd be taking several steps backward in terms of babyproof behavior conditioning. We'll leave Electric Man for the dorm rats.

Electric Man, $15, online only [urbanoutfitters via boingboing gadgets]


The new surround sound is the most popular around my house with The Boy (16 mos). We had those stupid plastic guards on the old one, which kind of worked, but the new surround sound system is much taller, and so the thing gets turned off a lot when we are watching something.

Oh, and the subwoofer is just as much fun to climb on and fall off of as the old one.

Oddly enough, I *don't* see any mention of the device being certified by UL, or any other safety authority. Just the note, "Imported", and of course, "Online (and far from the reach of prying regulatory eyes) only". But... but... he's so CUTE!

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