February 12, 2009

Experimental Filmmaker Baby Naming Trends

From Artforum's report of the big closing show at the artist-run Guild & Greyshkul Gallery in SoHo:

Aesthetics alone, however, will not raise twenty-five thousand dollars every month (nine thousand dollars for rent). Such concerns are of course appearing all around. One aid to a troubled economy came up when Sara VanDerBeek mentioned her middle name, Nea, given by her father, the late artist Stan VanDerBeek, in reference to the agency with which he was supposed to meet the day she was born: the National Endowment for the Arts. But it too seems on the brink.
One of my favorite shows at G&G was the retrospective of Stan VanDerBeek's films and other work, curated by his kids.

Numbers Game [artforum]

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i love that i would find this G&G link on this site. all my old classmates! thank you for making a parenting site that's in touch with other parts of human existence.

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