February 9, 2009

Black Panther Coloring Book: Color The Police! Color, Color, Color The Police!


Depending on which Internet you're on, the Black Panther Coloring Book was either:

  • a forgery by the FBI, mass-mailed to whites in the summer of 1969 to undermine support or the Black Panther Party's political complaints
  • a crazy-unhelpful idea from some PTSD-suffering Vietnam vet which the BPP rejected, but which the FBI picked up, altered, added to, and ran with as a handy propaganda tool just when the Senate was holding hearings on racial violence across the country.
  • created by Mark Teemer, an ex-Marine who'd just returned from Vietnam, working in the Sacramento chapter of the Black Panthers, who handed it out to kids at the BPP's free breakfast program, and then the ever-vigilant FBI merely picked up a few copies and mailed them along to the naive, liberal white elitists to show them what kind of "Kill the pigs!" messages the BPP was spreading, until it began losing them white, namby pamby liberal support.

Whichever you believe, the entire crappy/funny/sick thing is available for your downloading, printing, and coloring pleasure at the Internet Archive.

Black Panther Coloring Book, pdf 2.7mb [archive.org via hodgman, thanks dt reader eric]

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That's just too cool.

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