February 2, 2009

WTFBait: Economists Publish Study Of Juvenile Delinquent Naming Trends

Good gravy, are you telling me that economists could literally find nothing more important to do with their time the last year than perform regression analysis on a database of juvenile delinquents' first names in order "to test the hypothesis that unpopular names are positively correlated with crime."?

Is this study some kind of jobs creation program for knuckleheaded crime and science beat reporters so they publish meaningless headlines like "Odd first names linked to criminality"? And yet they remain silent on the fact that nearly 100% of juvenile delinquency is perpetrated by minors. Why is the Washington Times going soft on crime?

Haha, I bet the Times liked the headline in the URL better: "Study links unusual surnaes to criminality": Odd first names linked to criminality [washingtontimes via dt reader jj daddy-o, who only reads the Times for the articles]
abstract: Social Science Quarterly, Mar. 2009: First Names and Crime: Does Unpopularity Spell Trouble? [wiley.com]

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