February 2, 2009

Naef Bau Bau: Swiss Building Toys NOT For Tinkering


Who's ever even heard of this Naef Bau Bau birch building set designed in the 50's by Gert Muller? As far as I can tell, the thing's only been published in two tiny pictures in the Kurt Naef biography.


But holy smokes, why not? These Swiss Tinker Toys are apparently strong enough to make a theater for your Antonio Vitali puppets [sold separately]. Hell, they're strong enough to make a freakin' chair out of; Suddenly I feel ripped off for only getting the flimsy little American Tinker Toys. How could the Bau Bau's tremendous advances be so suppressed for so long? And whatever happened to Gert Muller? It's like he's Preston Tucker with his groundbreaking Tucker Torpedo, getting run out of town on a rail by the Tinker Toy Industrial Complex.

Naef Spiele Bau-Bau Modular Building Set Box/Brochure, currently $25+15 s/h, auction ends feb. 6 update: wow, ended at $227.50+s/h [ebay, thanks dt reader hans]


My sister and I each had a set. I think I still have both of them. We used them a lot and combined sets.

My brother and I use to play all day long with our Baubau. In my mind they are the symbol of happy childhood.
I just found 3 boxes back (30 years later) in my parents house and offer them to my children : They enjoy it !
the thing is that quite a lot of pieces are missing and I would have like to find some...

I agree with you the designer should be more famous !

Thanks for your article

Martin (from France)

I own a BauBau set which I received from my godfather, who was an architect, in the early seventies. It is still in use, now by my children.

Lorenz from Switzerland

Do you know anything about the Vitali Puppets. I can't seem to find any info on them.

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