January 30, 2009

UPDATE: Dwell Studio For Target Cribs NOT Part Of Stork Craft's Massive Recall After All

A reassuring piece of news to the folks who bought Dwell Studio cribs at Target: despite what Target may have told you, the Dwell cribs are not included in the massive recall of Stork Craft cribs. Here's an email I just received from Christiane Lemieux, founder of Dwell:

I am writing to inform you that the content that you posted on your site under the headline "Hmm, Does The Stork Craft Crib Mega-Recall Include The Dwell For Target Cribs?" is incorrect.

The CPSC did issue a recall all of the Stork Craft Cribs, with the exception of the Dwell Studio models. The design was produced in our studio and the parts are different. The recall notices sent to DwellStudio customers were a technical error and have subsequently stopped. In addition, the owners are being notified that their cribs are not part of the recall and that the parts are indeed not the same.

Duly noted and corrected. I should also say that I'd heard earlier in the week that Dwell had switched manufacturers last year. So there's probably never been a better time to buy a Dwell Studio crib at Target.com! No, seriously. Go. What are you still doing on this page?

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