January 30, 2009

Creative Playthings And, Uh, Other Playthings

Andy found a 1970 New York magazine review of the Creative Playthings store on 53rd Street which, unfortunately, replaced their awesome original store in Rockefeller Center. Here's my favorite line: "I do wonder about the value--educational or play--of live fish swimming over some kid's crib in a plastic bag."

And I just realized I held the first screening of the rough cut of my first film in what used to be the Creative Playthings Playroom.

Comparison Shopping In Toyland [stork bites man]


I am looking for some help finding out information on a child's constuction set made by Creative Playthings. The pieces are made out of wood & there are a few metal parts. There is an instruction catalog in it that says Matador on it. It is in an orange box and it says wood construction set number two. I have looked everywhere for info on this. Any ideas???


for inormations about the construction set of Creative Playthings please contact me.


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