January 28, 2009

Swing Low, Sweet Bassinet


In case you're like me, and you assumed that the Leander was the coolest bassinet ever to come out of Denmark, we can look together at Søren Ulrik Petersen's Swing Low Cradle and resolve to become more well-versed in the history of Danish kids' design together.

Petersen designed the Swing Low in 1998, and at some point, it apparently went into production at PP Møbler, the woodworking firm that makes Hans Wegners' furniture, because it has a model number, PP 940. But it's nowhere to be seen now.

Swing Low was made out of thick wool felt, folded and stitched into a shape that reminds me a bit of those lozenge-shaped rubber coin purses you squeeze open with your palm. Not that I'm implying the Swing Low would close in on your newborn baby like a venus flytrap or anything. I'm sure it worked great.

Besides, the kid would outgrow the thing in a couple of weeks; that cradle'd barely have time to start sagging before it gets put away. Then you're left to figure out what to do with the giant hook in your ceiling. Hmm, I can see how this rig might not have been a perennial bestseller.

PP 940, Swing Low Cradle [1998] by Søren Ulrik Petersen [architonic]
Hmm, the Danish Crafts Collection says 2002 [craftscollection.dk]
PP Mobler [pp.dk]

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Looks like some "functional art" is less functional than others.

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