January 26, 2009

Eiermann Table For Kids


In 1953, architect Egon Eiermann designed some tables for his office out of angled, cross-braced, tubular steel and whatever the German equivalent of Formica was. A knock-down version followed in 1965.

For about ten years Richard Lampert has been the official manufacturer of the Eiermann Table. And though there have been kid-sized knockoffs for years--this one has a vertical cross-brace that looks unfortunately like an ironing board--Lampert apparently waited until they had a good, kid-sized worker bee chair before issuing scaled-down versions of the original.

Lampert's website says the table is for kids ages 5 and up, but the top height adjusts from 55-72 cm, which seems plenty low enough for a much smaller kid. I hope there are caps on those tubes, though, because otherwise, they're gonna fill up with crayons in about a week.

Kinderschreibtisch Eiermann [richard-lampert.de via architonic]
Shipping's free in Germany! Configure your own Eiermann children's table, EUR340-640. wow. [smow.de]

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