January 12, 2009

Mama Mia! That Is An Awesome Throwback Nursery


Just when you think you've seen all the awesome, old school nurseries the LIFE Magazine photo archive has to offer, Andy finds another one. How did he do it? I have no idea. There's no caption, no date, no keywords, no designer name, no location, no nothing. The only info on Yale Joel's photo at all is "Super Graphic."

[update: that didn't take long. Thanks to Jenn from Minor Details, who's seen the photo before, the creators have been ID'd as NYC architect/parents Tiziana and Hugh Hardy. The kid is Sebastian, their son, so the date is around 1968, a full twenty years before Hugh restored Radio City Music Hall.]

And while the perspectival, architectural, super graphic paint job is truly awesome, it's the overall homebrew simplicity I love the most. That, and the unassailable childproofing strategy of raising all the dressers off the floor and nailing them to the wall.

K2's grabbiness is constantly thwarting all our best laid kidroom storage plans. A good day for her is to empty every shelf and drawer and cupboard within reach before her morning nap. It's as if she knows someone will put it all back while she's asleep. So she can pull it all out again.

"Super Graphics" by Yale Joel for LIFE Magazine [life via stork bites man, who has the full image]
Does anyone know who/where/when this was? Here are a couple more Yale Joel supergraphics photos. check out the light fixture next to the orange striped piano [life]


hey greg, this nursery is actually in one of my "bibles" of children's spaces. it does not give credit to the designer. However, here is quoted text above the pic: "Sebastian Hardy's first nursery was a corner in his architect parents' bedroom.Like the rest of the apartment, this small corner was an early experiment in the use of supergraphics." If you dont have this book already ... then run an order one ASAP. you can find it on amazon for around 6 bucks. Its an old library book called Children's Spaces; 50 Architects and Designers Create Environments for the Young. By Molly & Norman McGrath. I have often wanted to post about the finds/inspirations in the book. I think I just might this week. Thanks for the reminder!!!

Sebastian Hardy, son of two architects? That means his father is Hugh Hardy, and his mother is Tiziana, who is Italian. New York City.

The bible rocks, hallelujah! thanks, jenn.

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