January 7, 2009

Once You Have Black, You Best Take It Back: Muniré Black Cribs Recalled For Lead Paint

From the Muniré nursery furniture company website:

You can have peace of mind that all Muniré products are coated with finishes that are in compliance with Federal Regulation 16CFR1303 for lead content and have been certified as such by Intertek, a testing laboratory recognized by both the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Consumer Products Safety Commission. In addition, we meet or exceed every federal safety standard and are approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
Unfortunately, right under that lead-free coating, there's lead-tainted red paint. At least on 9,000 cribs and other pieces of nursery furniture in Muniré's Newport Black Rubbed collection made between April 2006 and November 2008. It's all been recalled by the CPSC.


Too bad there's never any follow-up on these kinds of things, because it'd be interesting to know if the tainted cribs were tested and certified by Intertek, ASTM, and JPMA. Or if there were whole years worth of cribs that weren't actually tested. Or if the entire red-paint supply contained lead for two-plus years, or if they just had a leady batch, but they couldn't isolate it.

If only there was a law that strengthened lead testing and certification requirements and consumers' ability to pinpoint the manufacture date and batch of hazardous products...

Munire Recalls "Newport Rubbed Black" Cribs and Matching Furniture Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard [cpsc.gov]
About Us [munirefurniture.com]

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This is alarming. More alarming Jardine and Baby's R Us just recalled an additional 60,000 cribs to add to the 320,000 already recalled in June-due to the slats brakeing, becoming disengaged, and trapping or strangling babies...I hope CPSIA also covers those kind of maufacturing defects/oversights.

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