January 6, 2009

There's A Sale At Vinnie's!

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop shopping!

Because of the mailing list thing, the previous customer thing, and/or the DT advertiser thing, I get these heads up [heads ups?] about sales from companies that I keep meaning to pass along. If you've spotted a good kidstuff sale somewhere, I hope you'll add it in the comments:


  • Vincent Shoes, the sweet Swedish kids' footwear company, kicked off [heh] their winter sale, 25, 50, up to 75% off. There's still plenty of winter left for some of those boots. [vincentshoestore.us]
  • Olie Bollen just began their semi-annual sale, too, 25-65% off of clothing. I'm kind of digging this Tea anorak with the tiger embroidered on the arm [above], though it looks more khaki to me than "lichen." Also, it looks a little like those kind of military pants with a big dragon embroidered on one calf? What were those called? Maharajah? I'm picturing Vin Diesel circa 2000. Does that ruin it for you? For $29 [down from $76], I think you can handle it. [oliebollen.com, remember: one L, two L's]
  • There's a bunch of kids and toddlers' outerwear at LL Bean that's like 25-40% off. I never have the guts [or foresight or whatever] to buy a year ahead; maybe my wife knows, but I just don't know how quickly the kid is growing out of stuff, so picking a size three seasons out seems crazy to me. Still, those little $25 Adirondack barn coats would make your kid look like Chandler from Friends Minus the rehab, I hope. [llbean.com]


    All the clothing is already discounted at 35% off. If you enter the coupon code "daddy", you can get an additional 40% off!! This sale is good until January 15th.

    Oops!!! Didn't realize it wouldn't show the URL. This is for KUMQUAT baby clothing at www.shopkumquat.com

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