December 31, 2008

I'm Gulliver, Dammit!


Uhh, wow. Just, wow. With only a few hours before the deadline, I have found The. Craziest. LIFE Magazine Archive Photo of 2008. It's by Ralph Morse, and it was a, uh, well, it's about the introduction of Troll Dolls, and it features several dozen Troll Dolls tying down a young girl, Gulliver-style, and swarming all over her body.

One of the original names for the Troll Dolls, it turns out, was Dammits. Also, Dam Dolls, both named after the original designer, Danish woodworker Thomas Dam.

Dam Dolls were introduced to the US market in 1963, but through a copyright registration error, they were knocked off for decades. Dam's family regained control of the copyright in 1993. Before they were mass produced in plastic, the original Dammits were made out of natural rubber and sheepskin.

"Young girl posing like Jonathan Swift's Gulliver in Lilliput except captors are new Troll dolls, plastic reproductions of dolls created by Danish carver Thomas Dam." 1964, Ralph Morse [life]

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