December 29, 2008

Porsche Coloring Book: There May Be No Substitute


While I'm a bit nonplussed by the relentless, overpriced refinement of that Porsche sled, and the 911 footie pajamas aren't working for me, I have to say, this Porsche coloring book could actually be awesome.

Instead of a typical teenboy, poster-style, glamour shot, the cover features Prof. Dr. F. Porsche's tractor. As soon as we stockpile enough red and silver crayons, I think I'll order one.

Porsche Kindermalbuch, €10 []
Porsche Tractors []


Great blog! Glad to see so much Porsche interest here.

My wife and I bought our very first Porsche, a 1996 911, in June. Our little boy (he's 3) absolutely loves it! It is something that I have wanted since I was 13 years old and I finally achieved my dream. My wife recently told me that the very first day she met me, 21 years ago, I said I wanted a Porsche.

The Porsche has brought with it a ton of exciting new things to do with the family. Car shows, parades, charity events, road trips, etc. We are loving it! Throughout the summer, almost every weekend, we did something new and fun!

Incidentally, we chose the 911 Carrera because of the "2+2" seating for our son. The same day we got the Porsche, we ordered the Britax Monarch booster seat. This is the European car seat, custom designed to fit in the tight bolstered rear seats. It's the same seat that Porsche OEMs in their Porsche Tequipment line. I believe you had an article on your blog a few years ago, which might be how I originally found out about it. (I did a TON of research before getting the car.) Thanks!

Keep up the great work!

I used to know F A Porsche Design since they designed some of the Hard Drives my former company was manufacturing but I did know about this coloring book.
Thank you for the find. My brother love tractors.
By the way, your blog is very inspiring. It is always so fun to discover the topic of the day. I wish you a happy new year !

Not much to add, except to chime in as another Porschephile and loyal Daddytypes reader. Glad to see the shout out, Greg. Happy New Year, btw.

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