December 23, 2008

I Know Exactly What You Can Get Oakley For Christmas


And no, it's not sunglasses. It's an awesome, giant stuffed ball made from a muted-yet-whimsical selection of 100% recycled wools. Hopefully, your Oakley's parents aren't too hippieish about natural fiber stuffing, because anything but polyester turns this into Oakley's Medicine Ball of Destruction.

Since the copy says the ball is "sure to thrill kids AND grownups," I think we can safely declare that Etsy sellers' response to the CPSIA lead testing apocalypse is to remarket everything for adults and just use children in the pictures for size comparisons.

Giant Personalized Wool Ball by handmadepretties, $50 [etsy, via dt etsy correspondent sara]


Oh, shoot. I hate to have to do this, but I need to call you on the choice of words there.

muted-yet-whimsical ?

I think we can eat quiche and all, but I fear for our collective manlines when we get to using 'muted-yet-whimsical.'

I'm just saying.

Don't get me wrong, I love your show.

Merry Christmas. I'm just trying to help.

(manlines or manliness, whichever you prefer...)

For the record, I was being satirical. "Whimsical" and "whimsy" are two of the problems with the baby industrial complex I launched DT to solve. How'm I doin'?

Yes but how can we remarket the beautiful handmade christening gowns, fluffy cloth diapers, and teeny tiny shoes? CPSIA should stand for China Proceed Sticking It to Americans.

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