December 22, 2008

The Smallest Plywood Dollhouse


Etsy seller Petit Flaneur makes this interesting-looking little doll house--and I mean little, it's only a foot high--out of printed, papered hardboard and filled with "birch micro-plywood" furniture. Including a sweet, micro-plywood crib that should give the CNC types some great ideas.

To get the most out of this thing, your kid'd have to be pretty dexterous and well beyond the stage where teeny tiny things go straight into the mouth. I kind of suspect it' more for those dollhouse grown-ups.

Which works out, because then it will have a better chance of surviving the CPSC's Great Etsy Kid Product Killoff of February 2009.

Contemporary Printed Dollhouse-Assembled, $120, ships in a few weeks [etsy via dt reader sara]

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