December 20, 2008

Not In Time For Christmas: OG Handcarved Pull Toy By Antonio Vitali


Don't not buy this incredible hand-carved wooden donkey pull toy from Antonio Vitali's early, Swiss National Crafts Store days before he started working with Creative Playthings, because the opening bid is a whopping $399.

Don't buy it because the auction doesn't end until Dec. 26, and so there's no way to get it here in time for Christmas.

Personally, I'm not buying it because as awesome as it looks, it doesn't do anything. We've been shopping for a pull toy for K2, and the seemingly slam-dunk arty options like a Yoshitomo Nara dog or even a Calder fish look vastly more static and less interesting than a whole slew of cheaper, well-made, more dynamic options. Mi scusi, Antonio.

Exceptional Carved Wooden Pull Toy -Swiss Artist Vitali, $399+35 s/h opening bid, auction ends Dec. 26 sure enough, nobody bought it. [ebay]
It's in the book! Antonio Vitali: Spielzeugdesigner/Creator of Toys, $125.00 [kioskkiosk]


Has there ever been a pull toy that didn't just tip over when in the hands of an actual kid?

mark: no.

greg: We got the Nara dog as a gift. Three years later she still plays with it all the time.

I'm glad that you've shown this toy. It's way expensive, but I hope it reminds people that toys can be about beautiful craftsmanship. They don't all have to be battery-powered.

My kid loves the Puppy pull toy from Plan Toys. It gets dragged around on its chin and rear wheels, but that's why it doesn't tip over. He thinks it's the greatest thing.

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