December 20, 2008

Calvin Klein Dollhouse By Josh Prince-Ramus


Uh, wow. OK. Calvin Klein, which is now owned by Phillips-Van Heusen, commissioned Josh Prince-Ramus, the guy who bailed on Rem Koolhaas to start his own firm REX, to design a dollhouse for the Madison Avenue store's holiday display.

"Designed with the Calvin Klein aesthetic as the common thread throughout, the stylish dwelling spans 4 complete floors, including a landscaped urban rooftop, and is fabricated in steel, acrylic sheet, and four-way stretch Spandex."

It's full of miniature Calvin Klein fashion and merchandise. It weighs 1,000 pounds and is suspended in front of some wall-sized photos of a New York City street scene.

All of which makes it look like that LED snowflake hanging over the intersection of 57th and Fifth. Or like the envelope JP-R's Seattle Library was delivered in. No, you know, frankly the whole thing looks exactly like a rendering of itself, right down to the little goblet simulacra on the little toy table. The sheer disconnect from reality is warping my fragile little mind and makes me want to duck into Barney's right. now.

See photos, at least I think they're photos: Blade Runner Barbie [the architect's newspaper, also flickr]
Wallyg's photo is the most realistic-looking, and it STILL looks like CG to me. [flickr]

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