December 19, 2008

Good For The Poohs


The rest of the economy may be tanking, but people who have their money tied up in original EH Shepard artwork for Winnie-the-Pooh books can take comfort from the results of the big sale at Sotheby's Wednesday. The results were very strong across the board, ranging up to £115,250, a Shepard record, for a drawing of Pooh and Piglet walking off through the snow.

Even the few lots that weren't publication originals did well, such as Shepard's illustration for the family Christmas card, which went for the high estimate, £30,000. A happy holiday indeed.

Winnie The Pooh sale sets record [bbc]
See the full results at Sotheby's []


This is only true for Shepardic Poohs.

Oy, bother!

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