December 18, 2008

Teddy Bear-Shaped Garbage Bags Are Not Helping


I know it'll help her kick little Philippine kids' butts in the New Depression, but it still bugs that K2 loves to play in the garbage so much. Turn your back for a second, and she's pulled out all the Diet Coke empties again and strewn them around the kitchen.


So excuse me if I'm not thrilled to death at the existence of Popet, Japanese garbage bags shaped like teddy bears, designed to turn the unpleasant act of "disposing" into the happier "feeding." Feeding of a garbage bag. They also liven up the piles of meticulously separated trash in front of your house.

On top of every other wrong thing--the environmentally disastrous tagline, "Let's Breed!" and the fact that you feed your Popet through its butt--it's Japan, so I'm sure they're individually wrapped.


Popet, designed by Eding:Post, debuted at Design Tide Tokyo this fall [ via pedalmafia, thanks dinosaursandrobots]


These are adorable. I'd load up, except that Toronto now requires homeowners to use their fugly bins, with fees on bags. For birthday parties, they'd be pretty good though.

My wife is Filipino. Have you ever been to the Philippines or spent much time talking to Filipinos? If so you might realize how rude and inaccurate your comment about children of the Philippines is.

I actually found your blog after searching on the internet for baby jet lag remedies following our recent return from Manila (to introduce our son to his grandparents). I was excited to see that finally, there was a place for Dads to interact on the Mom-ultra-dominated web and I enjoyed a lot of your posts. I also subscribe to Harper's and had read the article you link to when it appeared in print in 2006.

Needless to say, I'm removing this site from my favorites as calling the children of any country trash pickers just to show people you read Harper's is quite obnoxious.

sorry to see you go, especially over such an inadvertent misinterpretation and over-reaction to an oblique reference to uncontested facts--unjust and outrageous facts, to be sure, but also unfortunately real. How you decide that I'm talking about every Filipino kid when I link to a story about children living in a landfill, I don't understand.

I only found that article by Googling "philippine", "garbage", and "kids." Guess what, it's the top result. Are you going to stop using Google now, too?

The irony, of course, is that I DO subscribe to Harper's and have for many years. Their archives are incomparable, and I've cited stories new and old from the magazine on DT without being considered "obnoxious." But since having a kid, I don't get a chance to read them anymore. So my print copy of the article went, unread, into the landfill. Or actually, it went into the recycling. No, wait, I'm even better than that, because I make sure all my old magazines are upcycled into school materials to help children in developing countries.

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