December 17, 2008

Surrealistiwicz Alphabetski Polska


You're watching a trippy, old morphing alphabet animation from 1970's Sesame Street and you wonder why they don't make them like that anymore? No sweat, you're just looking in the wrong country.

If you don't mind a few funny hatch marks on your letters and a lot of extra Z's, you can blow the kid's mind with Kram z literami a Polish alphabet-themed poetry book written by Wanda Chotomska, with throwback illustrations by Maciej Buszewicz. Or maybe 1987 in Poland was like 1977 in the US, groovy, surrealist style-wise.

See more photos of Chotomska & Buszewicz's Kram z literami [turntablelab via dt reader rolf]

1 Comment

Oh yes, all Polish kids grow up on Wanda Chotomska:) The illustrations are great here, how about something even more fun I remember growing up on in Poland in the 80's? This author is still alive and well:

very Dr. Seuss-y.

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