December 12, 2008

I'll Have What He's Having: Orgasmic Birth

From the New York Times comes [sic] word that next month ABC's 20/20 will air Orgasmic Birth, a documentary by Debra Pascali-Bonaro, who is a birth educator, doula and, it's safe to assume, orgasm advocate. Finally, someone who will stand up to the anti-orgasm media juggernaut and their relentless criticism of the over-eroticized hospital birth process!

Like so much having to do with the female orgasm, the film has been around for a long time, but most people didn't know about it, were too preoccupied with other things, or found the it uncomfortable to talk about. The connection between sex and childbirth was even too close for the folks at Babble knew about it last summer, the too-close connection of sex and childbirth made them uncomfortable. Which is hilarious icing on the cake for a parenting blog spun off from a sex and dating site.

Orgasmic Birth has screened at film festivals [of which more later] and is available on DVD, "© 2008 Sunken Treasure, LLC" for either "public" or "personal use." Also, you can order multiple Orgasmic Births with a single click, or get the accompanying CD soundtrack, and have both come "at once!" What more could you ask?

The full documentary lasts 87 minutes, so I expect the 20/20 version will be much shorter, more hurried, and less satisfying. On the other hand, at least you can plan for it. January 2nd. Mark your calendar.

You may want to close your office door before clicking on the trailer: Discover Orgasmic Birth: the documentary about orgasmic birth, at [ via the new york freakin' times, update which had just three comments on the story last night when I wrote this. YOW.]

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Another great reason to have kids, I'm all for it !

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