December 12, 2008

DTQ: So You Give Your Kid An Antihistamine Before Bed

And instead of tired, they get wired. Like running around the house and moving chairs wired. What can you do, or do you have to just ride it out?


Just ride it out. What was it for? Allergies or cold? It didn't have a sedative effect on my kid until he was 3ish.

Ride it out, unfortunately. There's no "antidote". I assume benadryl? Half-life is 2ish hours for a healthy kid. But you probably won't need to wait for total wash-out, though a few hours wouldn't suprise me. The comedown can be a bit crash-and-burn, as you might expect...


Tylenol for a cold and congestion. It added about 90 hyper min. to bedtime. oy.

Ride it out, but make note of it in case your kid ever has to have conscious sedation for a medical procedure.
Worst. Hospital. Trip. Ever.

We have one of those Ed Begley bicycle generators that will run a toaster.

Eliot can light the entire house for 45 minutes.

Tylenol for cold and congestion. Hm... I mean, there is a reason they took that stuff off the shelves *wink*
I kid.

No really though, I still have that reaction to some medications. It is not a good feeling to have. I remember my mom giving me nighttime tylenol once when I was in fifth grade because I'd missed three days of school already (since I was up all night coughing)... and I crashed and burned at oh, about 5 am after staring at the ceiling and tossing about all night long. Needless to say, I did not return to school that day.

Ride it out. And consider a small dose next time--Benadryl at adult dosage dosage this to me, I feel wired. Child or half dosage, I get sleepy. For my kids, I usually stick to the half a kids' dose. Because I'd rather have sleepy than wild with a runny rose.

And if you're feeling like crazy pharmaceutical experiments, I have learned the hard way that Zyrtec knocks my son out (so no morning doses) and Claritin wakes him up like nothing else (so no nighttime doses). For my daughter, neither happens, but she is older and heavier than he is so it probably hits her less hard.

hmm, hadn't imagined we were experimenting; we only use the weight/age-scaled kids doses for each medicine from

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