December 8, 2008

Grand Theft Station Wagon


Who says Americans don't want to drive station wagons? They just don't want to pay for them. At No. 7, with an incident rate of 9.9/1,000 vehicles, the Dodge Magnum was the 2nd most popular car on the IIHS's 2008 list of Most Stolen Vehicles. Everything above it was a truck or an SUV. Nice work.

IIHS: Ten Most Stolen Vehicles For 2008 [jalopnik]

[note: whoops, the Dodge Charger is ahead of the Magnum. I switched it in my head with the Durango. Thanks DT commenter Tom for the catch. Also, can we agree that Dodge's anti-theft systems division should NOT receive a federal bailout?]


uh.....the Dodge Charger was ranked #4, ahead of the magnum.

And they canceled this car because it was unpopular! Dumbasses.
Anyway, this sucks because I have been seriously looking at buying one of these. You can get a used 06-08 R/T for 17-22K (340HP) and an SRT-8 (425HP!) for 22-27K. Where are you going to get that performance for the bucks and be able to fit a stroller in the back? Plus, I only drive 5000 miles a year, max, so who cares about the mileage? (the R/T does ok though, with 18/25)
Now I am sure if I checked, my insurance rates would be through the roof. Dang.

unpopular may be the wrong word; how about, 'popular with the wrong demographic'?

This Charger SRT8 was spied across the street from my apartment:
At least they didn't get the whole thing.
It's too bad that the Magnum targets a demographic that adds rims, extra chrome, and other effects that equate to hanging a "steal me" sign on the car. I would imagine that the theft rate is much lower for factory spec Magnums with strollers in the trunk (unless that stroller is a Marc Jacobs Bugaboo). I imagine that everybody's insurance rate rises because of the theft rate among a subset of the car owners.

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