December 7, 2008

WTF? WTFstralia Arrests Guy For Uploading WTFistani Babyswinging Video

Yeah, so that insane video of that random foreigner guy swinging that baby like a rag doll that was posted to YouTube for a couple of hours?

The guy who originally posted it, a user with the name biggles9, says he was arrested in Australia for "Accessing Child abuse material, downloading Child abuse material and uploading child abuse material with the intent to distribute..."

No word if the 450,000 people who watched the clip before it was deleted--or the bloggers who published screenshots to give people a sense for what the circus dads in WTFistan are up to these days--are also set to be charged. Just to be safe, I think I'll stay out of Australia until this gets cleared up Dec. 18th.

A Warning for us all, some times life sucks [ via msnbc ]
Previously: The Crazy Babyswingers Of WTFistan

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