December 7, 2008

Hmm, It's Not Titled, Nursery Decor (Doll With Mask)

You know what you never hear about? Cindy Sherman-themed nurseries. Why is that, I wonder?

It's not for lack of appropriate--or should I say relevant--imagery. At least a couple of works from her 1989-90 History Portraits series, Untitled #205 [l] and Untitled, #217 [r], contain references to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and [Holy M]otherhood. Are they just too pricey? [low six figures] Too rare? [ed. of 6]


Sherman's 1987 photograph, Untitled (Doll with Mask), also known as Untitled (Mask Over Baby Doll), is much more affordable. It was published in 1992 as an edition of 120 125. Or so.

A signed, unnumbered [?] copy is on sale for $1,200 at Printed Matter to benefit awesome radio station WFMU []
Chelsea dealer Thomas Erben has a signed, numbered, dated copy for $1,500 []
People who don't care or don't check prices online have paid up to $3,800 []
Cindy Sherman History Portrait images: Broad Art Foundation []

1 Comment

Call me a freak, but I really like these! I find them less creepy than the Disney themed mural my sister had done for her baby.

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