December 5, 2008

Ooh, Pretty Pictures For The Nursery! Original Art Editions At New Editions


New Editions was founded by artists to provide new families with [more] affordable, original artwork to inspire their children. There are themes, styles, concepts, and prices to suit everyone but the poor and/or unemployed. But then, if you're poor and/or unemployed, you're more than halfway to being an artist yourself, so you can make your own art!

This is a portfolio of photograms by Farrah Karapetian, a Los Angeles-based artist. To make them, she places objects on photo-sensitive paper and then exposes them to light. It's an antique technique that Robert Rauschenberg and his wife Susan Weil brought up to date in the 1960's. Karapetian's images, produced in an edition of 100, are available individually or as a set.

Farrah Karapetian, Portfolio Set of Five, ed. 100, 2008, $1350 [ via dt buddy jeff]

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I found a cool b&w photogram alphabet poster for my daughter's room and it's nice thick paper and was about $60-$70. I can't remember the name of the Brooklyn gallery where I ordered it from online but here's the artists' webpage of it:
If you've featured this already, sorry for the repitition!

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