December 5, 2008

Modernist Doll Housing Market Bubble Update: Villa Sibi, $10 On eBay


I'm going to operate on the assumption that some people, somewhere have actually been buying Sirch's Villa Sibi. One possible explanation for the the nearly 50% price increase for new Villa Sibis [from $600 in 2004 to $855 today] is that low production volume means higher unit costs. Meanwhile, the resale value of this modernist masterpiece of dollhouse design is unclear.

Well, now we may have a chance to find out. A "brand new" Villa Sibi just showed up on eBay with an opening bid of $9.99. Although the house normally comes with a full set of tiny, modernist wood furniture, for some reason, this one's being sold empty. Or as they'd say in New York, "Bring your decorator!"

Villa Sibi Dollhouse, currently $10+40 s/h, auction ends dec. 9 [ebay]

1 Comment

its now at 210 and reserve not met. so not so cheap after all.

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