December 3, 2008

A Pacifier Tree Grows In Brooklyn


Lost City is offering a free t-shirt to whoever can explain the presence of hundreds of pacifiers in a street tree in Borough Park. If the new Ikea hadn't shifted Brooklyn's Swedish neighborhood to Red Hook a few months ago, I would have guessed it's an homage to the Pacifier Trees at the Skansen Zoo outside Stockholm. So color me clueless.

Mysterious Pacifier Trees of Borough Park [lcnyc via curbed]


My guess is that since the average parent in Borough Park has between 7 and 13 children, there are a lot of errant pacifiers floating around with nowhere else to go...

Dont you know that when you plant a pacifier, cover it with dirt, and water it ever so gently, that within a week its a pretty pacifier flower? I'm certain that I've also heard that certain trees only sprout leaves in the spring if they've been fed old pacifiers.

Well, if I had to guess, it reminds me of the pacifier tree in Riccione, Italy...the parents take their kids there to leave the pacifier behind once and for all, hanging it on the tree. It's a collective ritual of "initiation into life as a big kid". The tree is over 2 meters tall and designed by Georgia Galanti. The child's name and date of "initiation" is left on the pacifier. Check it out:

These used pacifiers on the tree are for the baby squirrels whose mother cannot afford to purchase a new one.

Agreed: It's a Binky Tree

I think you win, Marla!

There are no soother trees in our neighbourhood (although there are some trees which wear icky old running shoes), but last week we were presented with another option to help us break our son of his soother habit:

I agree. That's where the paci fairy (cousin to the tooth fairy) takes no-longer-needed pacifiers. I spotted my daughter's there.

Melanie, your LOLcat needs a caption. Something about a flavr.

Smurf, I hadn't thought of it as a LOLcat - just my kitten being his usual mischievous self!

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