November 28, 2008

No W And X, Y, Z. And Å. And Ä. And Ö: Edholm Ullenius Posters For The Domestic Market


You may know Edholm Ullenius from such fabric patterns as all the bright ones you almost got at Ikea last year and the fallopian tube print they made for some ad agency's fertility medicine client.

The Stockholm design duo has just released a couple of posters for children's rooms, which are only on sale locally, in places like the gift shop at the Moderna Museet and at Nordiska Galleriet.

For starters, there's the alphabet in Swedish, all 28 letters, more or less. Those A and O things are all distinct letters. Also, Edholm & Ullenius appear to be unconvinced by the Swedish Academy's recent [2005] decision to follow international practice by splitting "W" off from "V" as its own letter. Also, "Q" is not used in any Swedish words, and yet there it is.

Don't you love how Wikipedia can make anyone sound like an instant expert? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to create a Wikipedia article for Swedish abacuses that use base-4 and base-6 as well as base-5.

Edholm Ullenius portfolio site [ via husmusen]
Swedish Alphabet [wikipedia]

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