November 21, 2008

DT Freakout Friday, Thy Name Is Bronx Mowgli Edition

It's a travel day, so DT Freakout Friday is short, just the bare necessities, you might say:

  • Not only is he messed up for the school year cutoff, but now it turns out that babies born in the fall have a higher risk of asthma. At least you got a fun President's Day weekend out of the deal. [yahoo via spring mom and dt freakout correspondent sara, who may be trying to psyche out the other parents competing for the same preschool slot]
  • Not only is he messed up because he's on formula, but now it turns out breastfeeding improves a baby's lung capacity. Sucks and blows. [reuters india via sara again]
  • In classic Hollywood tradition, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson followed named their baby boy after the place he was conceived and the Disney movie they were watching at the time. Mazel tov, Bronx Mowgli Wentz! [pop sugar (?) via jj daddy-o, who must read it for the articles? no idea]


    I read it for the celebrity stroller news, of course, same as you.

    or named for the backseat where conceived: BMW

    Could be worse, could be Cayman Wentz, yuk yuk.

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