November 19, 2008

Marc Jacobs For Bugaboo. For Real.


Well that's something. I just got a press release about the Marc Jacobs for Bugaboo. It's a special all-black Cameleon with a canopy and bassinet cover out of Little Marc signature fabric. To be honest, though I'm not a fan of printed fabric, ever since the all-white Bugaboo By, I have wanted to see what a black-frame Bugaboo would look like. I've even thought of taking ours to get an anodized finish, just for kicks.

The Marc Jacobs Bugaboo is not the Bugaboo you're looking for. It's the one you can't get.

There are 15 of them. Starting Nov. 26th, four will be at Colette in Paris; Selfridge's and London and the Marc Jacobs boutique in Dubai get two apiece; One will be for sale in Amsterdam. And six will be for sale at Marc Jacobs NY. Which has to be a trick, because there are six Marc Jacobs stores on Bleecker St alone.

Assuming you can get one, the Marc Jacobs x Bugaboo will set you back $1,500. [via bugaboo pr]

Previously, Jacobs had some problems with the colabo thing: Little Marc box at Colette is a desperate cry for help


As a photographer this photo begs the question, whose idea was it to put the black stroller on the black background and click away??
It took me a good thirty seconds to figure out what I was even attempting to look at.

as an ad hoc cutter and paster from flier-like press announcements, I take full responsibility. Plus, the background does give you a sense for what the fabric looks like.

I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs, but this is disappointing to me. I get how cool the black frame is, but the Marc Jacobs items that I own aren't basic black and simple. He's always been fun and vintage-y. This looks more like Bugaboo by Armani.

I actually choked on my Cheerios when I saw this.
Here is a tip, get a frog while you can, contact any anodizing company and send them your bugaboo in the box. Choose your own color for your tubing, buy some billet wheels and throw up a middle finger when you cruise a legit ride down Bleecker street...right to any of the 6 stores where you can get your girl a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch with the extra money you saved. Something he still knows how to design. Strollers he should leave to the pros.

Are you kidding me? That thing is sick (as in super cool)

Interested in buying this beautiful MARC JACOBS X BUGABOO stroller? I bought one in Paris and want to sell it. Please email me when interested and make a nice offer! Or check Very limited, only 15 worldwide! Located in Amsterdam.
Good luck!

Hello Anne,

I am interested in the bugaboo by Marc Jacobs. Please send me an e-mail to make contact about this.


This is a great stroller and really limited!!!!If you want to be the envy of town with one of these designer series strollers contact me, I managed to get hold of the last one!!!!!

My email adress above.

questions or offers are welcome , I will put it on Ebay soon.

Good luck

Vanessa! I am interesting in it VERY much!)) Please, e-mail me to talk about it! Thanks!!

Hi, i have one for sale, number 14/15. Bought in Dubai now in London. Email me if interested;

Have you sold the MJ bugaboo yet? If not how much is it?

I just brought one .....cant wait!

please anyone who ha sa mj stroller for sale or know where i could get one please contact me @ thanks

I have one ... its hot!

Selling number 7 of 15.
Loads of extras spent thousands...!

i need one urgently!
anyone selling this please contact me!

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