November 17, 2008

WHOA, Bugaboo Frog On Its Last Legs??

bugaboo_frog_tekoop.jpgA baby gear retailer just emailed me saying they've heard that Bugaboo will be discontinuing the Frog in "early 2009."

The retailer speculated as to whether that meant there'd be a new model coming out, or what. I have no idea, but I could see how the Cameleon makes the Frog redundant at best. It could be the case that 8 or 9 out of 10 Frog sales were lost Cameleon sales.

As for new product, I'd think Bugaboo would want a platform to launch a new product to retailers, something to get some in-store hype. And since there was nothing about new products at either ABC Kids or Kind+Jugend, I wouldn't think to look for a new Frog-like replacement before the Fall of 2009. But if the Cameleon actually soaks up the Frog market, and the Bee covers the more traditional stroller shopper, what new product do they really need? [hint: double double double double double]

In the mean time, I bet there will be Frogs on sale sometime in the near future. And then you can use the money you save to buy some dope rims and billet bling.

[image: A Bugaboo Frog Classic with the original snowflake logo, for sale on last summer]


It's about time! The Frog has been discontinued in Europe since early 2006. Like you say, it really is redundant to have both the Cameleon and the Frog, and the cameleon is clearly superior. I doubt there will be another model this year, but we can still hope for the double! I'd love to see a Phil and Ted's style second seat...

I suspect Bugaboo actually has a double stroller in R&D, they're just waiting until our older kids are too big to fit in it before releasing it...

Forget about the double, when is the wheeled board for the bee EVER EVER going to come out? They've been promising it for months if not a year now. Do you know Greg?

I second the wheeled board for the Bee. Before I bought it I made sure they were coming out with one, and now that we're expecting our second child I emailed them to get a release date- they emailed me back saying they don't know yet. Thanks, Bugaboo.

I saw a Bug Classic in northern Germany summer of 2007. Only one I've ever seen in the wild. Looked like it had had a lot of use.

I can't figure out why they haven't got a double yet. As much as I'd like a double Cameleon, I'd be satisfied with a double Bee. (Would that be a wasp? A bumble bee?)

A double Bee would be HEAVEN!

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