November 16, 2008

iPhone Baby Monitor App: The Call Is Coming From Inside The Crib!


I don't know about your kid, but K2 does not have an iPhone. So that means I'd have to load CodeGoo's Baby Monitor onto my iPhone, and then program it to call me on my other phone when it detects some baby noise. And then I'd leave it in the crib with her, because it also calls me when K2 picks it up, just in case she wakes up in silent mode. And I'd have to be sure to set call forwarding, so that people calling me on my iPhone don't inadvertently wake up the sleeping kid.

Only problem: I don't have an iPhone, either.

um, released two weeks ago: Baby Monitor by CodeGoo, $0.99 "for the first week only" [codegoo via geekdad]


I don't think you do have a problem. I have an iPhone. I have a baby and a toddler. I will NOT get this app!

This is hillarious! You have nailed the complexity of their 'plan.' I love the suggestion that it works great for the curious toddler that wakes up silently -- okay, how does that work again?

I swear they made this up as they typed it!

Hello from my boys: Eliot, 4, Dexter, 5 months...

I think there's part of a good idea here; one of the app reviewers suggested they add a speakerphone setting so you could talk back to the kid. There's the possibility that disembodied voices don't work for putting the kid back to sleep, of course, but it's an enhancement compared to one-way monitors.

And in a monitoring pinch, I've called from one cell phone to another and just left the line open. Then I'd keep it on speaker or headset to listen for any crying. [Thank you, unlimited family minutes plan.]

Is this so you can quickly drive home when the baby wakes up?

Complex, sure. Limited? Maybe. But my husband and I both have iPhones, and I could see this working at a party or a weekend away when you don't want to pack the baby monitor but you do want to monitor the baby. I'd definitely try it, anyway.

Hey, there is also "Babyphone" on the App Store.

Homepage with Video

Thank you and good luck!

[ed. note: BabyPhone includes a mic volume control and reactivation options, so you don't have to automatically rush home and reset it every time the kid makes a peep.]

much cheaper app, seems very similar, better graphics...

Cheaper is maybe not better...i baught 3 different baby monitor apps for the iPhone and i like BabyPhone Deluxe best and it has a BabyRecorder on top!
- easy to use
- great graphics
- very reliable (works on when a SMS, or phone call comes in)
- can be used without charger (goes into battery saving mode) for at least 6 hours
- adjustable call-delay: for 1,2,3,4 secs
- adjustable re-activation time

I want to have my iPhone mostly with me, but in some occassions i prefer to have it as a baby monitor, and i can life without for 2 or 3 hours.

oups, they also have a web site:

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