November 15, 2008

Fort Bragg Has A Surge Of Its Own

I know what you did starting last fall, 82nd Airborne. The entire division of the US Army was deployed to Iraq for The Surge last summer, and now it seems that births are up 50 percent at the on-base medical center at Fort Bragg, in Fayetteville, NC. Maternity fatigues are back-ordered. Dad 101 classes are full. The embroidery cart at the mall is going gangbusters. The local Target sells out of cribs every day. And nondeployment status for new moms was upped from three months to six. New dads don't get nondeployment status; they ship out and have to keep getting reintroduced to their kids when they come back.

Army Base Teems With Babies as Stork Lands With Airborne [nyt]

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I read this in the Sunday paper. More power to them. Our government health system is hard at work producing the next generation of warriors:-).

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